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Originally Posted by Steven R View Post
That is cool. Tell us how the effect was accomplished in that shot.
1) You need a dark spot ... at least as dark as possible
2) We used an old hat (anything can do) and we put it on that tree
3) I took my flashlight and but it behind the tree facing up (which give you the light portion at the top)

As for the shot itself:

1) Prior to the shoot, somebody illuminated the hat so we can get the proper focus (focus lock with back focus, no shot)
2) The exposure was about 15 seconds @ f5.6 using any white balance you like (shot in both JPG and RAW)
3) Somebody with a glow stick (from the dollar store) just went around the tree waving it
4) At the same time, the hat was illuminated for a couple of seconds

After the shot:

1) A bit of cropping
2) A but of TopazLabs filters to "crank up" the saturation ... et voila!

This is a very funny thing to do ... with the exception that you need some darkness outside (or any place dark inside) and it is usually cold here when it is dark early....


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