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The action shots were at extremely high ISO in order to get enough shutter (1250 to 1600)as this was an overcast day and I was using the 50-500 at full 500 (6.3 aperture to F11, I can't remember specifically. I think the stationary was at F11 and the shutter was I think about 100). The stationary shot was at I believe 400 ISO as well, but it could have been 800. I'm too lazy today to check the exif. For all I had the lens on a sturdy tripod, focused right at the post,and had a remote shutter attached. It was lots of work but I'm happy with the results.These gregarious birds are such fun to photograph.

I personally like the little head coming into the frame from the right, so I kept it in. This is perhaps one of my favorite photos yet because of that little tidbit.

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