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Default 3 tiny lenses

3 pretty silver "horns" for my white unicorn camera.

Two of them arrived Tuesday. The first thing I noticed about them is the usual response to a limited lens - they are so small and light. I love the silver and all 3 get along very well with the K-S1 camera. I'm going to have a lot of fun with the 15, I can see why some really love that lens. Guess I've had just enough experience with wide angles to see the creative possibilities with it - it's not my natural thought-process, I'm normally a macro/telephoto type of person.

The 100WR comes today. I've wanted it for years but couldn't justify it in my mind. I won't know until it gets here whether I can use it for longer than the Viv, I hope so since I can only take a couple of pictures with the Viv before I start having problems.

I think I'll stick to shooting at 100mm and wider for now, leaving everything long and/or heavy at home. Now if they could come out with a 300mm lens with the quality of the DA* but as light as the 31, I'd have everything I would want.
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