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Default Should i buy the Canon 70D new or used?

So, I have the opportunity and budget to buy the Canon 70D with the EF-S 18-135 IS STM Lens. I was going to buy the camera with the lens new at a local camera retailer when I went to another known and reputable camera shop and they had a used Canon 70D with a shutter count under 1400. The sales rep stated that the previous owner traded up and went a full frame dSLR. However, that means that I would need to buy the Canon EF-S 18-135 IS STM Lens brand new, as no one around has it used around here.

With that being said, I did the math, and ends up I would only save about $30 if I bought it used with the one-year warranty they sell. I know it is ONLY $30 but that $30 could be put towards a SD card or such. However, I can have the piece in mind that I have it new.

I have been wrapping my head around this, cannot figure out what to decide, and need to make a decision by this Saturday, so I am asking for you all, what is your opinion on this?
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