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It's so nice when one gets lucky to capture a certain moment, pose etc. and then get it onto the computer and see that it is just right.
A good deal of luck and patience is needed, especially with animals and insects !

I'm doing OK, Jim. Fairly busy with this and that. Not taking many photos at the moment, winter is a dreary time, grey, dismal and wet ! I don't have your flair for finding unique motive and shooting angles. I still remember the shot you took of some leaves floating on still water, really intriguing.

Really pleased with my FZ72, and the extra zoom has been very useful, although I do miss the multi angle rear screen. I seem to get less noise than I do with my FZ150, which surprised me, maybe FZ150 was a Monday production or put together by a person who had drunk too much saki the night before
Panasonic FZ150 + DMW LC55. FZ70/72.

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