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Default megazoom/bridge camera suggestions for BIF

i love my sony A6000, but there's no lens solution that's long enough for birds in flight - except for a couple that are far too heavy for my damaged wrists. i considered going with micro four thirds for BIF, but i have rented the lenses, and for the price and weight, they really didn't deliver for me. i considered that the FZ1000 might work for me, but at the moment i'm on a bit of a budget, so here's what i am hoping for:

* image quality good for price/class (not noisy at base ISO, not watercolory)

* quick access to ISO, exposure and hopefully white balance

* mode dial with PASM

* fast zoom or manual zoom

* 400mm or better at long end, 300mm if image quality is strong at the long end

* decent EVF. image doesn't have to be great but it has to allow me to track flying birds in realtime.

* $400 or under (could go used or refurb - could maybe stretch a few bucks higher)

* Raw would be nice

regarding image quality, i realize this is going to be the compromise. my old FZ150 image quality was fine, and had the EVF had a faster refresh rate, i'd have kept it or would be buying another one. i expect a little noise at base ISO, but not highly viewable grain viewed at 50%, and useable up to ISO 800 would be nice. i don't expect pics as good as a 1" or APSC sensor, but good for its class would be nice - at least not horribly distorted, ultra low contrast or noisier than class at low ISOs.
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