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I'm always in for the DIY approach, here's a copier that I made around 2005-6,
My project took more time to produce than Streets effort, it does a great job ... 3X optical zoom gets rid of any vignetting and produces a sharp full frame pic
I used it to convert 2-3 shoe boxes of slides to digital format, sadly a lot of the slides had suffered some chemical deterioration, I was unable to correct colours( see attached shot). light source is simply achieved by pointing at the sky away from the sun.
Results were far better than using a scanner/slide copier, and much quicker, I could process 36 slides in 20 minutes or so.
For info this project was put together using bits an pieces I had to hand, mainly stepping rings etc. and luckily a good quality two element 10X supplementary lens, all came from a job lot of items in a photographic shop sale. .... Jack
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