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Default Bella and the Boa

Last Wednesday, a week ago, we loaded up the grandkids and took them to the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo for the day. Not a big zoo, as zoos go, but they had exhibits where the kids could interact with the animals.

1). Bella and the Red-Tailed Boa. Ten feet long and just under one-hundred pounds.

2).Ethan was s bit more skittish.

3) Close up of the Boa. Very pretty snake.

I took others of them with baby Kangaroos and Lemurs. I'll post those later.

Before we went to the Zoo, which is in Gulf Shores, we went and ate lunch at my favorite restaurant in that area, Lulu's. Lucy Buffett is Jimmy Buffett's sister, and owner of the restaurant. Outstanding seafood. If you're in the area, a must visit. The Zoo is only about a mile from Lulu's, as the crow flies.
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