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Originally Posted by miami photographer View Post
It is a very basic question.... How do you upload non iphone (DSLR) images to Instagram? It looks like I can only upload images I have taken with my phone....Is that ture? Can I use an android phone?
I would like to upload my wedding photography work onto Instagram.
Please help!
As other's have mentioned you need to get the pictures from the DSLR onto a mobile device and then you can post to instagram.

A card reader that is compatible with your mobile device is needed if you don't have a WiFi enabled camera.

For android a microUSB OTG device like this is what you need, although for certain devices you may also need an app such as Nexus Media Importer

For iPhone they make similar devices but of course they're more expensive, this is the official apple SD card to lightning reader

You may have to hunt around if you need one that is CF compatible, but basically this is the idea, you copy the pictures to your device and post from there.

I also recommend Lightroom mobile too if you want to do some post processing.
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