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Originally Posted by VTphotog View Post
There are still only 256 levels of available Green. If you start measuring at a lower point of the green spectrum, the same number of steps means the steps have to be larger. You can't assign 'extra' blue levels to green.
256 Green, 256 Blue, and 256 Red.
If you want more colors, you must increase the bit depth.
Yes, but with a finite number of colors, and more greens/cyans, some of the blues and reds in the palette get skewed toward green/cyan. [1,0,0] will always be pure red whatever the color space, but [1,0.1,0.1] in Adobe RGB will be greener than [1,0.1,0.1] in sRGB.

Remember that sRGB is a standard color space for monitors, while Adobe RGB is a color space intended to accommodate as much as practicable the CYMK color space used by printers. sRGB doesn't have to convert to anything, but Adobe RGB is intended to converts to CYMK. When you edit an sRGB image on an sRGB monitor, you'll get the sRGB color palette. But when you edit an Adobe RGB image on an sRGB monitor, the colors you see won't be the colors you'll get when you print.
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