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I'm looking for a compact tripod that can fit into a carry-on bag that would be suitable for DSLR still photograph and could have an option to eventually add a pan/fluid head that would allow me to shoot video. For still, I shoot with a 40D or a 3T, but am planning to upgrade to either a 7D or 80D (any recommendations on either one or something different?). I currently have a small Dolica (love the size and weight) but it doesn't seem stable enough for shooting HDR or very low light. I've looked at the MeFoto Globetrotter and Roadtrip, but aren't sure about the possibility of changing out the head. I'm open to those or others, although the $1,000 models are a little pricy for my current budget. Thanks for your help!!
You can mount any head you want on a Roadtrip or Globetrotter. I've mounted a 3-way pan/tilt head with 4-way macro rails to a tiny Daytrip.

The mount itself is smaller compared to a conventional tripod, but that's so the legs can invert for compression. The heads are designed to easily screw on/off by hand to make use of the various features.
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