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Originally Posted by JohnF View Post
Hello Phil - thanks for response and examples- you have a nice collection of photos. Do you sometimes use extension tubes? Do you use a tripod? John
G'day John

Thanks for the 'thanks'
While I do have a set of tubes for the panny G2 slr, most of my closeups are done with either the superzoom or the panny with a high quality close up lens attached to the front of the lens. By 'hi-quality' I'm talking about a 2-element lens called a "+2 dioptre close up lens" costing around $120 ... not a $25 evilbay cheapie made from unpolished spectacle lenses

The use of these lenses does need a main / camera lens that accepts filters etc. onto the front of the camera lens - and heaps of pocket-sized cameras no longer have this filter thread, so your choice of camera becomes a bit more complicated

If you want more info on these lenses PM me and I will send you a PDF explaining more about them

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