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Originally Posted by FaithfulPastor View Post
Hi BBuilder;
Thanks for your reply.

I did notice the difference of 14 vs. 40, but I didn't think that was worth the $300 difference in price.

Currently she already has the M.ZUIKO ED 12-40MM F2.8 PRO, so we're not looking heavily at the wide end, it's the 40mm and above that we're trying to figure out.

That's why a 40 to 150 and 14 to 150 are sort of the same lens. If we're shooting below 40mm, then we're probably swapping lenses.

Hope that makes some sense.
Again, thanks for your help.

G'day mate

If that's the sort of thing you're interested in, maybe the Panny 45-200 could be of interest ... let it follow on from the existing 12-40 and it still gives her heaps of 'long' lens capabilities

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