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Unless your wife wants to avoid changing lenses, the 40-150mm lens for the micro 4/3 system would be the better buy. The 14-150mm lens would give you just about the same range as the 12-40 plus the 40-150, but the 12-40 Pro lens is so much better at the 12-40mm range. I have recently purchased the 12-40 and I love it. I have the 40-150 and it does a great job with certain limitations i.e. not great for low light. If she ends up with the 40-150mm lens, then she could add the 75-300mm lens and have a nice kit with one pro level lens, and two "kit" level lenses. But, that 12-40 lens has made me think about spending the bucks to get the 40-150mm Pro lens or the 300mm Pro lens!!
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