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Default Exactly...

In small print, they also listed throughout the manual some film cameras supporting HSS wireless flash or not (but no digicams). My understanding from the 5600HS-D manual:

2 wireless modes of operation charted out:
o HSS mode.
o Other than HSS modes.

Film cameras do OTF-metering, whereas the Sony based CCD's digicams(F7x7, CP5x00, D7i/hi) do a pre-flash TTL. This is caused by the cameras implementation of using the CCD itself to meter the flash pulse prior to the real shot where the CCD will be too busy sampling the real picture data to control the flashes! I don't have a d7i/Hi yet to try, but my guess is if one does studio shoot @ 1/60-1/200 (ie non HSS mode), the 5600HS-D on a D7i/hi will be able to control the older flashes wirelessly... which it indeed does on an 9xi!

However in getting back to the original question on multi-burts strobe mode, the camera needs to be set on manual anyhow, and the manual shows how to compute and set the shutter speed depending on how many flash pulses anyone wants to set his/her camera & flash combination. The bottom line is this camera/flash system is pretty comprehensive and very well thought out (unlike in comparison to Canon/Nikon digital offerings in the same price range or even higher!).
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