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Yes, that's what I was afraid of. I have a couple of rolls here, that I may just try, and get developed; I'm not sure where though. I have a roll of Kodachrome 64, but there is no tab sticking out, so I'm assuming that it's been used? I also have a roll of 200 iso Black's Astral, which has some film pulled out of it, so it may serve for a test.
I'm not sure how to set up the camera though. The lens is a Sigma Zoom-Master 1:2.8~4 f=35-70mm, with lots of rows of numbers.
The row closest to the camera appears to be the aperture 2.8 - 22 (22 is in green)
Then there's a wide band 22 16 11 8 5.6 I 5.6 R 11 16 22 with lines that flares out from 8 (on one side) and R (on the other side) to the Macro band, which rotates and has two rows of numbers, one in red, then green, and the other in white.
Then there's the circle that one sees when looking though the viewfinder. It's composed of a centre circle with a diagonal line, which is usually darker on one half then the other. This circle has a speckled band around it. The alignment of objects in the centre circle wrt to the two halves, seems to change as the macro ring is rotated, as does their focus.
As you can see I know nothing about film cameras. Can you provide some insight as to what I'm seeing?
Also, is this a good, average, or poor lens/camera combo?
... john
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