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Hi Phil,
Yes, it's kind of interesting to see the forerunner of cameras I've been using for years. Digital doesn't really give one a feel/appreciation for these basics. And, as I've often discovered, over my life, these technologies don't just blosom full blown from the head of Zeus; they're the result of a lot of history and research.
I don't have a green 'A' on my lens, but the '22' on the aperture ring is green. I can't figure out why though.
What does 'LHS' stand for?
Ah, so that's what the red 'R' means.
Yes, this helps a great deal.
Hi Brian,
Yes, the LEDs show in my camera. From top to bottom ..... red cross, green dot, red dash. I imagine this stands for 'over', 'properly', and 'under' exposed?
Man, this thing is tricky to get right wrt to exposure, not like my FZ150 ;-)
Yes, the coin slot opens up to two button cells.
I finally read the link you provided, and it is helpful. I have the second generation, the 'super' model, on which I have covered the faux leather with duct tape.

I've notice a very fine grain pattern, especially when I view well lit uniform surfaces. I was afraid it might be the dreaded fungus; but a website I went to seemed to indicate that it's more likely dust, and won't significantly effect the images?
Oddly enough (or maybe not) this pattern does not show up on the bright half of the focus ring?
Well, that's about it for now. The camera seems to function well, so I think I'm ready to try a couple of shots to see if it's leaking light. I have NO idea where I'm going to get it developed though. A few year ago I wanted a piece of exposed film to see if it would be a satisfactory visible light blocker for a camera I had removed the IR blocker from; and I had to solicit a group in the States for a sample, which they were kind enough to provide.
.. john

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