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Now that's good thinking (outside the square). We are so used to buying everything and leaving it up to the manufacturers to "do it for us" that we forget we still have creativity on "our" side. Sometimes, all we have to do is apply it. I like to carry around 'everything' in the one bag (well at least I like to try to) - camera, Nikon D750 with grip and 24-120mm lens,, Godox flash,, chargers for both,, 20,000ma battery powerpack,, all sorts of cables,, manuals for both, sensor blower, etc etc. The bag is a good Lowepro bag, well made, but just isn't comfortably big enough. I prefer a bag as opposed to an over the shoulder pack but maybe soon I'm going to have to re-think things as over the years it's just bulging way too much and weighs a ton, and each time I zip it closed, I expect a stitch to tear or the zip to break, because it is bulging at the seams. Thank heavens I spent the extra dollars on this bag and never bought any of the cheaper alternatives.
I guess I am going to consider a shoulder pack - SOON...!!!

Good thinking on your part FaithfulPastor...

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