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scooby snacks wrote:
1. I like to take night time with very low light levels. Normally using a tripod. My old IXUS 400 had a maximum 15 second shutter and produced good shots. How does the 30 second of the W1 perform?

I like the low light pictures. You definitely have to use a tripod. Here's a couple shots...

That's a shot of the neighbors house at midnight.30 second exposure. It was dark enough that the naked eye couldn't make out colors. Another neighbors porch light ended up looking like a UFO landed behind the house.

I even goofed around with "ghost" images.
scooby snacks wrote:
2. I read the flash is a little on the weak side, I think the only time I'd using the camera indoors in low light is probably at the odd party or reception for small group shots and portraits. Is the small sufficient for this and how well does the AF lamp perform?

In a house, the flash is more than sufficient. In a large auditorium or outside, it's not got enough range to be very effective. AF lamp works great, but I find that if I really want candid shots of my kids, I need to turn it off. It's bright enough that they stop being "candid" and look at the camera.
scooby snacks wrote:
3. What's the screen like for visibility in very bright sunlight?

You can see in bright light but it isn't always easy. Luckily, it has a viewfinder you can look through.
scooby snacks wrote:
4. I noticed the focusing range is very different to the 5200:

min focus range 12" (5200) 19.2" (w1)

macro 1.6" (5200) 3.9" (w1)

Would this increase in focal range make anynoticeable difference in everyday use or would it go relatively unnoticed?

Does the macro setting produce good close ups?

I don't know the answer to the focus range, but I really love the macro.

That's 2 inches from a small flower. I took this yesterday.
scooby snacks wrote:
5.What are your opinions of the quality and colour saturation?

Colors look dead-on to me and I think the pictures are very high quality. However, I'm not exactly a professional, so I don't know if my opinion counts.
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