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Thanks for the answers chaps..very appreciated.

Elvite: Thanks for the answers and especially including sample pics. I really like the night time pic of the house, amazing colours. Haha, I like the ghost image pic, I did something similar to that with my IXUS but it didn't come out as good as yours. Even though I appeard semi translucent all that was visible was my head and my right hand..quite bizarre.

The macro shot looks very good and the colours from that pic look good.

Cybershot 445: Thanks for the cameras2u link. Fortunately thats where I ordered the CP 5200 from so the return process has been very easy. Just arranged for the courier to collect tommorow am and then I'm 99% certain I'll be ordering the W1 on Monday. Should give me a couple of days to read some more reviews.

I do agree with what you said about different cameras suiting different people and the easiest way would be to go to Jessops, etc and try different cameras. However before I got the CP 5200, after a lot of researching I had narrowed it down to the Nikon and the W1 so I'm feeling confident (fingers crossed) that the W1 is the right camera for me. The IXUS 500 was considered for a while as I thought the 400 was a brilliant camera, I'd just like to try the Sony. The only downside being the cost of memory stick compared to other storage biggy though.

Thanks again, and keep the info, advice, opinions coming:-)
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