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Oh dear, it's worrying to hear that the Z1 has this problem also.
I have tried searching the net for ages trying to find another place that mentions this problem, but it doesn't seem to be mentioned anywhere.
In the emails i have sent to minolta i have said that i will go round asking on different digicam forums about this problem, implying that i will publicise this problem to others.
seems like i will have to carry out that threat. perhaps if they get enough bad publicity about this they will be forced to do something about it.
A lot of people don't seem to notice the lag untill it's pointed out to them first. So if we can point it out to as many people as possible then maybe we can get enough people complaining about it to get minolta to do something.

Another useful place to visit, is review sections of online shops. very often they let you leave reviews for products even if you didn't buy from there. is a good example, think i will go there tonight

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