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If you can afford it, Go for it.
Think about all those shooting opportunities you'll miss if you don't purchase a Digicam now. You find you will take a lot more images with a digicam because you don't have to worry about development costs and you can play with the settings and get instant results.You can seeif your getting the quaility of shot you want. My first Digicam was a Kodak 2.0 MP. I still use it occationally and it does a good job at up to 8x10 shots if you don't crop them a lot.

A friend was showing me his Nikon D70 the other day and it is impressive. The shots he has taken with the camera are awsome.

I think the DSLR rival the film cameras and have so many advantages it makes them well worth changing.

I don't own a DSLR but a Fuji S7000 because that is what I could afford and I don't personnally need a DSLR. I have many 8x10 hanging on my walls and I get a lot of complements on the images. I wouldn't worry to much what the latest and greatest next camera will be.
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