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Yeah, I agree with lux - I live in Colorado and use my 50-200 with my E-1 quite a bit. Is part of your reluctance carrying the gear? If so, I recommend a Domke Giraffe Front Pack - allows hands free carrying of the E-1 with the 50-200 on the camera and you can stor eone other smaller lens in the side pocket. Then when you want to use the smaller lens, you can tighten down the strap on the main storage compartment for you 50-200 and carry the camera around your neck. I do this on long hikes as well as street shooting and it works very well. Columbia also makes a nice lightweight vest ( is where I bought mine) that provide additional room for storing camera gear, - you can carry the 50-200 in one of the side pockets with the hand-brace and hood on. I too plan to get the tel convertor to use with my E-1, hopefully before the rebate deal expires! I hope this helps.
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