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Well, you've managed to grab yourself some images of a beautiful bluebird alright. It seems like I request and you fulfill - what a deal! :-)

Now, as to what type of bluebird... The range maps that I've looked at don't show the Western Bluebird in your area. Do you have some local experts that believe that Western Bluebirds have extended their range into central Alberta? More likely, what it seems you've gotten photos of is the juvenile or immature Mountain Bluebird. You don't have to worry about Eastern Bluebirds as they aren't even close to being in your area.

Mature male Mountain Bluebirds won't have any red on their chests at all, just blue. Females have gray-brown breasts.

(Added later: Norm, I just took a good long look at that bird and it's amazing the detail you captured in those feathers and legs!)
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