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eric s wrote:
Doesn't using non-OEM inks void your warrenty?

I suppose if you are stupid enough to send it in for service with aftermarket ink tanks installed they would void the warranty. Part of your troubleshooting would be to install factory tanks. I can't really see the service vendor taking scrapings from the heads and bombarding it with high energy particles to do a spectroscope analysis to check whether you had clogged the heads with aftermarket ink.

I'm on my third pint of pigmented black for my HP general purpose printers. Refilling is actually easier than stocking spare tanks. I was having odd problems with my boat and someone on the jetboat forums offered the service manual. I printed it for the mechanic. The manual was about 500 pages and I printed on both sides so I could get by with a half-ream of paper. You don't want to run out of ink halfway through the second side. I've done it and it's hard to recover. From the time I pulled the black cartridge until it was back in the printer full was less than 5 minutes. The Canon color cartridges for my photo printer are almost as easy to fill. Color on the HP requires a little more of a learning curve, but worth it IMO.

Epson welds the heads to the printer, but the Canon heads can be removed and soaked in ammonia or hot water. A worse case would be to replace them. The Epsons need service if you can't clear a clog. HPs don't clog. I got a free HP 930 back before the dot com crash. I stored my 700 series HP with the cartridges still installed. I gave it away almost 3 years later and it still printed perfectly with the old cartridges – which were refilled BTW. You don't want to leave an Epson or Canon for very long without printing something.
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