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Well, since Fireworks do not occur every day, let me repost an old one.

Fireworks over the Sea

These shots have been taken during my summer holidays.
I have used the Fireworks program of my Nikon Coolpix.
Basicly it sets focus to infinity, aperture to small values and shutter speed to 4 secs.
I have used my portable tripod, of course.

A coloured one :

A blue one :

This one gives a better idea of the real dimensions of the fireworks :

Note : Though my Coolpix WideAngle could the best it could it was not enough to get the all fireworks in the shot.
Actually I was very near ( maybe too much) the freworks in order to get the reflection over the sea.

Plastic Wrapped Fireworks

This is just an application of the "Plastic Wrap" filter of PS on the first shot of the post

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