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Sorry didn't answer one of your questions....
BIGDANE wrote:
Am I to understand, that you CAN use easy-print AND do
whatever intensity and color adjustement you see fit,
- because that's what I need to do,
- but can't make happen!
To answer the question - NO
I do the balance, levels, contrast, cropping, and color adjustment
in Photoshop, save the files to another area and then
batch print them using Qimage.

I only used easy-print to try and emulate what you were running into.
It is too limited for what I usually need, so I don't use it.
However that said - I WAS able to get a
normal balanced print from a good file and when I put on
the "effect" for "photo-vivid" I got what you described.

So in that one case the answer was YES I got a good print,
after processing the photo to a normal point in something
else, and YES eazy-print did screw it up when I set it

Does that help any??
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