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John G. wrote:
Thanks for your feedback ....any other electronic geaks out there that can throwr in thier IMO ?
1. I'm with everyone here as well... The camera got to have voltage regulator! Thoses micros need to run at much lower voltage ie 3V or less and even 1.8V in order to last hours on end. Beside the batteries voltage do not stay constant throughout their operation and need to be regulated!

2. To be efficient (in order to run all day) theses regulators are the switching type, and not linear kind so they don't heat up by sinking the extra voltage. More likely the regulation is done by "ON" and "OFF" cycles and the camera actually runs cooler with the higher voltage by being more "OFF" than "ON". :idea:

3. Manufacturers tend to "spec" this so you're lock into their own accessories: The Minolta D7 (a battery hog) used to be spec'ed the same way, but their own external battery pack are rated @ a higher voltage (and even higher still when fully charged). :-)

Beside "if you're really paranoid, stick a diode (not resistor) in series and it'll drop the extra 0.7V" ... not any diode though the RadioShack geeks can tell you which one which can handle the current.
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