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Hello all,

I've narrowed it down to SOME bad points about the C-770 to decide if I keep this cam or not, the continous AF is one. Please respond - am I doing something wrong? Do I miss something?

So here comes the situation: You want to shot a moving object. On my Minolta SLR I aim at the object, press shutter halfway down and AF is in continous mode. Now I follow the objects movements and the cameras AF focusses all the time. When I think NOW is the right moment I press shutter full and the camera instantly shoots.

OK - with the Oly C-770 I activate continuous AF. Camera focusses now without me pressing the shutter half. I can't press the shutter right now because if locks focus then So I follow the object with the cam. NOW!!! I press the shutter full without stopping half and would expect an instant shot. Wrong. The cam begins the normal AF routine and 0,5..1s later (depending on zoom and light) it shoots. You can't get a shot in with that method!

So I am looking for a way to disable that unesseccary AF when I use cont. AF anyway. Or another solution with similar results. Read every manual available, tried almost every combination of menu setting - no success.

I already asked Oly support and had a hard time explaining what my problem was. Hope YOU understand me and help me outta here - pretty please!

I am and can't see what I am doing wrong. Need a :idea:soon.

Thanks in advance.
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