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Thanks for the reply.
I've been viewing and comparing the pictures on my 19" CRT monitor which is set to 1280 x 1024 resolution, using ACDSEE to view and zoom in and out to check the details/pixels.

The Kodak is not set to any sharpness levels, I believe that capability is accessible via a program in the system folder on the CF card which the Kodak can access. Those options were deleted when I formatted the CF card the first time.

Yes, I probably am used to the bright colors from the Kodak. I remember going from a 1MP camera to the 2MP DC290 and going "WOW" at the results. So far I've not taken any pictures with the Sony that make me say "WOW".

Now thinking this over, most of my picture taking is done closeup - portraits, products, indoor shots, pets. The DC290's focusing seems to be much better than the W1 - my black Chow Chow dog is amazingly clear with the DC290 so much so you can see each individual hair. With the W1 - he's just a fuzzy black blob.

I'll have to take outdoor shots with both cameras and compare their pictures. I suspect that the Sony's softness is due to the focusing, and that with outdoor shots, the 2MP Kodak's limitations shows up and underwhelms the picture quality, and the 5.1MP of the Sony helps it.

FWIW I took some flash pictures in the dark with the W1 and they came out REALLY fuzzy due to being out of focus. The subject was close, saturation was good, the AF light was on.

Thank you for your modification of my daughter's picture. Definitely has the "WOW-ness" I'm was hoping to get right out of the camera - clarity wise.

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