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Hi: My current CanonS900 printer is acting up and it doesn't look like I can repair it economically. The problem is that I have a ton of Photo Paper Pro and the BCI-6xx ink cartridges. Subsequently, I guess I'm currently married to Canon.

Does anyone know offhand what newer style printers can use the BCI-6xx cartridges? I wouldn't mind the latest one Steve tested as I've wanted a wide carriage model but don't know if my ink is compatable. That's listed as an eight ink color model. I think the i960 will in fact be compatable with the BCI's so that's probably the best choice.

I know I could get this info on the net but I'm in rural MN with a 26.4 internet speed and no way to get satellite! This kind of stuff just takes me forever to research at my connection speeds.

Thanks all,


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