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I've got an old friend with an A70, and I have had the opportunity to playwithit a few times.

Recently, we went to a Molly Hatchet concert, and both brought our cameras (first rock concert I've been to in around 20 years). :shock: We had seats directly in front of the stage.

If I had to compare it to my camera, I'd say that the ergonomics are very good with the A70. Withit's light weight, combined with a nice hand grip, it's quite easy to hold and use.

I've seen no problems with it's build quality.

Now, thecamera I brought with me (my little Konica KD-510z) does seem a little better made, with it's very solid metal case design), but I wouldn't worry about the differencestoo much.

If I had to complain about anything, it would probably be the LCD Display. I had not noticed it before, but the differences in display quality were very evident in the darker surroundings. The A70 display was much harder to see, in both the record and playback modes. It's probably because the display on my Konica is much higher resolution, and seems to "gain up" better in low light, too.

But, most users probably wouldn't notice it (unless they were using another camera to compare it with).
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