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I understand that some folks are unhappy with certain aspects of the FZ10 however no camera is perfect. I understand that you'd like a firmware upgradebut Panasonic never stated that their cameras wereever going to beuser-upgradable or that they would ever issue anysuch future firmware revisions. Some companies do this and others do not. And I can understand that you are unhappy about the FZ10 being dropped for newer models but hey, every company does this that'sin the digicam business.Consumer priced digital cameras have a product shelf life of 6-9 months before they are superceded by a newer model.

I think that Bob has done his best to answer your questions as best he can given that most decisions come from Japan and not the Panasonic U.S. office. You should appreciate his participation here, I don't see any other company reps answering questions about their cameras here or on most other forums.

So I guess what I am saying is that maybe it's time to stop beating a dead horse over this FZ10 firmware issue. The question has been asked andanswered and no amount of forum traffic is going to change the outcome. Ultimately it is up to you, this is your forum and the content here is yours but I think we need to give it a rest.

I am posting this as an announcement and locking the topic. I am not interested in starting another great debate, I just wanted to let you know how I feel about the current climate of this forum. Enjoy the site and the forums.


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