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Default Infrared Photography on the S602Z

Hey all,

I've recently decided to try my hand at infrared photography. I've got the S602Z, and I did the TV remote control test and the CCD gives a good indication of infrared sensitivity.

Where do I go from here? I don't want to spend too much to get started, perhaps start out with a $30 or so NIR/IR filter. I've done a little research on this already and I seem to be homing in on these: Kodak Wrattan 89b, 88a, and 87, the Hoya R72, and the Heliopan 8125.

I have the 55mm extension tube for my S602, and two conversion lenses that measure 62mm. My current plan is to try and buy all 67mm filters (to limit vignetting when I decide to use multiple filters simultaneously) and secure them to either the tube or the lenses with stepping rings.

(1) Is this smart? If so, is it possible?

(2) How will IR filters fit into this scheme? Are they available in a variety of sizes?

(3) Finally, where can I look at/buy these IR filters in the SF Bay area?

Thanks to anyone willing to help me out with these questions. I haven't had too much luck researching it myself, so I'm hoping someone who's already got some kind of setup will offer me some advice.

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