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Look, the reason you don't see Mustek cameras being reviewed on the popular Digital Photography Web Sites, is that the quality from their models is far below what you'd get in a camera from a major manufacturer.

Sure, the first camera is using a 5 Megapixel CCD (with an interpolated output, which you can't go by for the real resolution). It may even be a Sony CCD (it doesn't say).

However, there is MUCH more to consider, other that the type ofsensor used. You have to look at startup time (how long does itafter turning it on, before you can take a photo?), Autofocus Time (does it take 3 seconds to focus?), Autofocus Reliability (is focus accurate, and can it focus in low light?) Cycle Time (how long are you going to need to wait after taking a photo, before you can take another one?), Quality of the Lens (is it sharp throughout it's focal range?), Color and White BalanceAccuracy in Different Lighting (are your blues going to look green?), Exposure Accuracy (are your photos going to be too dark or too bright?), Noise (will they be grainy?), build quality (is it going to break after a week?), user control of features used most often, and more.
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