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Sever, Where are you sourcing 'stepping rings' from? I found the Fuji wide angle lens has a 70mm mount diameter - pretty useless for putting anything on!

I've got a piece of Kodak Wratten IR filter (celluloid, not mounted) so will see what I get. Probably need 1600 ASA though!

I tried it, my gel filter's a No.87C. At 1600ASA in daylight manual mode f2.8, long shutter, I can see IR sources(tungsten lamp) in the viewfinder. I can see the IR emission from a TV remote, straight into the lens.

I don't think the 602 will ever compete with an image intensifier/night sight. However, If you throw a couple of hundred watts of IR at something you will get pics I'm sure.

One problem might be focusing. IR is a longer wavelength than visible light, and the focused plane for lenses, on the ccd, will not be the same. Experiment with manual focussing
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