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Fuji has just released some information on the new S3100/3500 and the S5100/5500, and it looks like they are listening.

The S3100 (possibly S3500 in Europe) is a 4MP replacement for the S3000, not much else to report here.

The S5100 (possibly S5500 in Europe) is the real news. Gone is the 3.1MP SuperCCD with interpolated 6MP mode, instead it now sports the same 4MP sensor as the S3100. Here is the good and bad, as far as I have found.

- Now has ISO from 64 to 400

- Now has control over jpeg compression, much larger file sizes with less compression is possible.

- The CCD-RAW mode is now a real RAW mode, no interpolation. This means all of the info from the 4MP CCD without any interpolation algorithms.

- Probably due to the larger pixel count the burst modesare now for only 3 shots instead of 5.

- It still doesn't have an external flash connector.

I think the S5100 really addresses the image quality issues which some reviewers and users had with the original S5000 without losing any of the functionality. They are being released soon so I will be awaiting Steve's review. Post information you may have right here.

This may be my next camera.

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