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I've read several reviews where the A2 had no real problems or at worst the images were softer than those of the competive offerings. One, DCRESOURSE.COM, showed significant image problems. This reviewer even had two bum cameras right off the bat. It seems that the A2's problems are either 1.) inthe mechanics (includes optics,) 2.) in the firmware area, 3.) quality control, or 4.) all of the above. If the A2 is basically an upgraded A1, then should not the A2 be O'K as well? Has Minolta written poor firmware and/or failed to test it properly? On the quality front, it seems that some people are getting "good" cameras and others are getting "bad" cameras. I've not read of any competitive camera with such a record. The research I've done suggests that on features and specs alone, the A2 is well ahead of all the others. The A2 is the camera I'd like to buy, but not until I have that warm fuzzy feeling that it is "fixed." I'm not willing to take the chance I'll get a good one.
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