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Default Bringing Nature Macro Photography Indoors Over the Winter

Bringing Nature Macro Photography Indoors Over the Winter:

I’m into nature macro photography and…with winter in the wings here in the northeast…I’d like to carry over some of my field work to an indoor mini-studio environment using a small table about 24x24”.

How and where can I obtain background materials and other physical aids for photographing small natural objects…e g acorns, shells, tree leaves, feathers, stones, seeds, et al? What about simple lighting setups?

I have an adjustable Bogen tripod, a Canon EOS D-60, Canon EF 100mm Macro lens, Canon TC-80N3 Timer Remote Controller, and Veblon 4-way macro slider for precise positioning for starters. I also have an adjustable “third hand” device with mini-alligator clips for holding appropriate subjects apart for blurry background shots.

So…I’m looking for some user tips and tricks to accomplish this over the coming months. Of particular help would be some online supply sources that cater to such activities.

Have any of you had experience in this activity with suggestions that might help and inspire…moi?

Many thanks,

M i k e
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