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James Bond 007 wrote:
Also consider that the Z3 has f4 or worse aperture throughout most of the zoom range (from 4x) which is not a good thing for moving subjects and also takes part of the advantage of IS away.
I want to buy z2/z3 cause i think that's the most functionally (Macro, zoom, video, UHS...) camera in my $ range - and I won't change it for anything else... I doubt.. that Z2 has better aperture throughout zoom than Z3..... and.. i saw everything what is possible on the www about z3.. now.. i had to earn 100 more Euro :P... eh...
And i hope.. that z3 will be aviable in the middle of august... in germany (cause there i'm going... and there it's around another 100Euro cheaper...). Thanks. I'm almost make up my mind... - Z3
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