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The easiest way for me to compress the file is to merely save over the file with lviewpro. The version I have is a bit older since I only use it to compress the files, so I am not sure if the newer version works the same. I do all my resizing in photoshop and then just open and save the images in lviewpro. It works great and is actually quicker IMHO. You can also pic up a little tool I found that is very useful. It is called "image resizer powertoy for windows xp". You can resize and compress all or one file in a folder at once. You can choose to keep the original and have it save with a different name (file-medium.jpg) as opposed to the original (file.jpg). It appears the quality of the image after resizing is very good. I mostly use photoshop to resize still, but for quick jobs where I just want to email or host pics on my site, then I will use the image resizer.
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