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I see here on Steve's that the New Minolta DSLR 7 will have a 24-105 Zoom lens.

Canon . . . . . ARE you listening?? I have said for 6 months or longer, the 28-135 IS zoom which I own, should be re-designed to a 24-135 IS! Several other Manufacturers make something similar:

Nikon has the 24-120 VR, Sigma makes a 24-135, & Tamron makes a 24-135. This 4mm more would help out on wide shots a LOT! One person even suggeted a while back a Canon 20-105mm 2.8! That would be Super! Or maybe it was a 22-105. Heck, make it a 2.8 & NOT a high dollar 'L' lens, unless they could price it reasonable.



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