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I've had mine for about 10days now.

The quality so far has been superb. Any duff shots have been down to me not the camera. The metallic body seems solid enough but the cover for the inputs etc is cheap but not been a problem so far.

The lens barrel seem somewhat loose, there is definate movement there (deliberate?? anyone else notice this?) but this seems to have nil impact on the quality.

The camera is fast in use, the screen is very easy to see (although bright sunlight obviously still causes some problems).

Point and shoot works well, the Best shot mode has some good set ups and some that seem to me pointless. Aperture priority, shutter priority and full manual work as expected.

adjustable metering and focus allows you more control which is good if you want it- i do.The ability to check correct focus on a recorded image is great as well.

zoom is good and fastand (i use 2816x2112 and 50ISO settings) you can get decent shots with the digital zoom. Comparing to an older Canon of my wife's the digital zoom quality is way higher. Obviously you still lose some but it is useable.

Bracketing works well.

I am using a 128 normal Sandisk without problem (waiting on a 256 Ultra 11 to arrive).

Flash has been ok the couple of times I have used it. Not used an external unit yet.Focus in dim light seems pretty accurate as well.

movie mode produces ok results - as good as you could expect from 320x240. If you need this feature a lot buy a video camera, as an extra on a camera its fine.

Battery life is good but buy a spare.

All in I would say it is a very capable pro-sumer camera. It can be used from basic point and shoot to full manual and so far has produced very good quality results. still experimenting but overall impressions are it was well worth the money paid.

I would post up some images but need to lose some bulk first.

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