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I am new here, but have been lurking for a while; great digital camera site. I have a question about service centers. I believe that most of the camera manufacturers either have inhouse service centers or contract service to a few local vendors. Part of my research in purchasing of a new camera includes a call or eMail to said service centers to obtain camera parts longevity info(whether they will repair a 10, 5, or only a2year old camera? Also warranty policies and the like and speed of repairs). Other things I contact them for is to judge speed and content of response. I just called a manufacturers local service center in my areaand was treated very rudely. I just wanted to know the information as stated above. I remained polite, but itdidn't help. Everyone has a bad day now and again; I hope thatwas the case and she has a better day tomorrow. My question is this; what manufacturer has the best/worst service for digital cameras?What specific experiences have any of you had? One of my pet peeves is that they sometimes hide the contact telephone numbers on their web pages. In any case, any information would be appreciated. Thanks.



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