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He was 400 minimum across a canyon from where I was.

The first one is at 12x optical with my 1.9x teleconverter and then enlarged a bit.

The second is at full 36x digital zoom with my 1.9x teleconverter.

Yes I think this bear is about as big as they get here in Idaho.

Actually I would have gotten closer if possible, I really had no opportunity. There was a VERY steep canyon between us and about half a mile to get around to the other side and quite brushy.

Since you mention it the birds are much quieter this time of year. I have gotten quite a few bird shots lately but just not many I really like very much. Did you happen to see the kingbird shot with the butterfly I posted a few days ago. Not the best picture but very entertaining to watch it keep getting away and the bird chase it back down.


Thanks for taking a look and responding. I posted the lens and camera info above in my note to geoffs.

Both these shots were handheld by the way. I took about 30 pictures and only about 4 were in focus due to hand shake. I was on my trail bike ona 6" wide trailand had no opportunity to get off and find a good rest.

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