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I think the original question is being misunderstood in the replies. The question was to be able to offload one flash type memory to another to avoid a hard drive or CDR device. An iPod IS a hard drive device.

But why would you ever want to do that?! If you are buying multiple flash cards, then just use one card until it's full and thenput the next one in. And these portable hard drive storage devices are not at all bulky or heavy, many are not much bigger than a pack of playing cards. They are definitely the way to go in my opinion.

Here's a pretty comprehensive list of units:

Here's a site that sells many of them:

I recently was shopping for one and went with the FlashTrax because it has an LCD display and a video out, but the X's Drive Pro would be a good choice if you don't need that or want to save $. The iPOD is an interesting option, but only if you really value owning one because it is the most expensive way to go and most of the other units will also play MP3s (although not as slick).
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