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These photoes was overexposured to clearly show (underline) this problem.

1) I haven`t noticed such lines even on overexposured photoes of other cameras (i tested Olympus 4040z).
2) On photoes with normal EV, this problem also occurs
3) This problem is really annoying while taking landscape photoes (When you need to lighten grass or trees for example. You use EV compensation (f.e. +1) and get lines on sky)
4) The sunset photo I`ve posted, shows discolored lines on the sun. The photo is not overexposured but the sun is (and contains lines). These line on the sun are impossible to avoid. I just can`t get such photoes (of sunset) on FZ10 without the "lined" sun. The photo is spoiled. I didn`t get the similar result on OLympus 4040z (the sun was overexposured, white but didn`t contain lines). So I think it is not normal to have lines on even overexposured photoes while other cameras do not.
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