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The reality is, the manuals that come with the camera are like the manuals that come with a new teaches you what the controls do, but doesn't teach you how to drive. You have to start with the basics:

As for the menu system, I doubt they would make it any easier (even if they could)'s the same easy menu system used on almost every other Olympus camera, just use the four directional keys and the OK button; maybe it's the number of options that's overwhelming, and remember where they all are.

You didn't say how long you've owned your 8080, but it took me about a month with my C-series camera to remember where things are when I needed them in a hurry...the method I use to remember is what main heading is the feature I want to change in...does it has to do with before the CAMERA takes a picture, does it have to do with what is done to the PICture after it's taken, does it have to do with the CARD, or with SETup of the camera (the guy with the wrench).

Steve in his review of the 8080 has posted a "map" of each menu selection:
Record Menus
Playback Menus

To get help strictly with the 8080, you might want to join an online 8080 group:

One of the best things you can do is continually practice with your camera, play with the settings to find out what they do and how to quickly access them.
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