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lawrencew wrote:
EffZeeOne wrote:

...and the horse just keeps getting pounded into dust....

...and I'm getting acused of ranting? your main purpose in keeping this topic going is to help stop people from buying the FZ20, which hasn't even been released yet so we have no idea if it will do the same thing under these rather specific circumstances?I stand corrected -- you're not ranting, you're crusading.

Is there a reason why you still own this camera? If I thought somethingI purchased was so flawed, I would have either returned it or resold it on Ebay by now.

I just looked through my FZ1 manual again, and nowhere in there does it specifically state that the FZ1 will NOT toast my bagel in the morning! Hey, Panasonic Bob, where's the FZ1 Breakfast Upgrade so I can fix this lousey, flawed camera? I definitely need to start warning folks away from the FZ3, because it probably doesn't cook breakfast either!!



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