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Wow, I thought this dog was put to bed long ago.

Hey, you know what? I'd like this flaw fixed, but I realize

it's out of my control

(everyone else was yelling - I figured it must be inherent to this topic)

Now, on the one hand, I truly do not understand the tendency here, by some,to demean people who would like to have thisproblem fixed, by those who care nothing about the flaw.Sometimes it comes across asverymean spirited (and narrow minded, if I may say so - just because something's not a problem for me doesn't diminish its validity for someone else).

On the other hand, to you who want it fixed (and, hey, I'd love to have it fixed - I have an external flash, too, and it is a stupid bug),relax and move on. After all, unlesswe have direct access to the powers at Panasonic, I doubt we'll have this flaw fixed, and it's just not worth losing sleep over something you can't control. I understand your angst, but griping (and that's not a put-down) won't help, and will just stress you out.

Consider this - other than that one feature, we all pretty much agree this is the best camera one can get in 2004, in this price range (or, actually, anywhere near it). So let's stay friends.

BTW, I WAS in Cambodia in 1968, before I wasn't. Or was I? :-)

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